10 cologne that makes a difference

We have brought together options that make a difference with their unique formulas among the varieties of cologne that have become indispensable not only on holidays, but on every day of our lives.


1 – Special scents for Istanbul

Atelier RebulPrepared as a tribute to Pera, the birthplace of Pera Cologne a dizzying spice blend. It contains rose, patchouli and pure amber and contains a high alcohol content of 80 °. Eyup Sabri Tuncer Signed Istanbul Fragrances Bosphorus on the other hand, when you close your eyes with sea notes, ginger, moss and vetiver, a cologne that teleports you to the shore of the Bosphorus …


2 – Special scents to the Aegean coast

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients Misbahçe Cunda Breeze Aromatic Cologne collects all fragrances reminiscent of the Aegean. Elegant Lavender and the smell opened with Ylang Ylang embraces with nostalgic Acıbadem and shines with Bergamot; soon smokes himself Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood and VanillaComplements with the unique harmony of. In addition, the formula, which is 100% natural and skin-friendly, cares for your hands with Lavender Hydrosol and Glycerin. Eyup Sabri Tuncer signed Fountain Lemon is quite different from classic lemon cologne. In the top note, Fountain Lemon, Lemon Tree Leaf, Middle note Lemon Flower, White Flowers, Lemon and Lower note Oak Moss, Musk A refreshing Aegean breeze with …



3 – Scents inspired by ancient cities

Maison pereja‘S Ephesus in Turkey’s cologne designed taking inspiration from the ancient city of Hierapolis, Aspendos and there Estanbol. It grows in Pamukkale, Denizli and Burdur, where the ancient city of Hierapolis is located and is described as an endemic plant. Peony floweri (Peonica Turcica) is located in Maison Pereja’s ancient cities collection. Hierapolis has been an inspiration for its variety. Hierapolis, which has a fruity opening with red berries and passionflower in its upper notes, evolves into the velvety floral notes of the peony flower that forms the body of the fragrance. Orchids and vanilla, which are included later, add depth. Aspendos is a complete Mediterranean! Starting with notes of fresh bergamot, tangerine and jasmine in its top notes, it continues with the exhilarating notes of citrus magnolia and orange flower. It provides permanence with amber and white musk and woody notes in the scent bottom notes.


4 – an Italian fragrance

Acqua di parmathe first true Italian eau de cologne; who loves tradition; a successful, refined and timeless fragrance … The composition of Sicilian citrus fruits; In the bottom note, vetiver provides lasting and refreshment throughout the day with the eye-catching mixture of sandalwood and patchouli, and the extracts of lavender and damask flowers.


5 – A fragrance that will be your signature

Fragrance master Jo MaloneFrom the Peony Blush Suede blooming peony flower; mouth-watering flirty bite from red apple jasmine; rose and carnation flowers cologne that makes a permanent and difference with the sensitivity of soft and velvety flowers rich enough …