4 combinations for outdoor walking

Nowadays when we need to stay away from public transport, indoor environments and crowds, outdoor walking is the right option in terms of health and morale. We prepared 4 combinations in color and comfortable.


1. Combination

Create a style with your high-energy lilac team where vivid colors are combined with each other:

Upper: Fineappl to Lower: Fineappl to Shoe: Adidas


2. Combination

Vivid color sweatshirts are very trendy this season. You can also choose this style of sweatshirt to add color to your daily style.

Up down: Nike Shoe: Nike


3. Combination

With the help of elastic waistband, the sweatpants allow you to sit on your body without slipping, and the stylish sweatshirt with a neckband keeps you very warm.

Bottom-Top: Victoria Beckham x Reebok Shoe: Reebok


4. Combination

Combine sweatshirts with tracksuit bottoms that have recently regained strength in street fashion.

Bottom-Top: Nike Shoe: Adidas