7 reasons to use the beauty pillow

While sleeping on an ordinary pillow (regardless of the pillowcase material), your skin can be stretched, crushed, and therefore wrinkle formation may increase. Waking up with a swollen face in the morning is also the result of choosing the wrong pillow. We discovered a patented design that keeps the skin young.


1 – Patented design

Beauty Pillow Side cradles minimize bending and folding of the skin. This patented design is designed to prevent sleep wrinkles, morning swelling and pillow marks. Your pillow takes care of your night while you sleep and repairs and beautifies your skin. Patented technology SKIN +prevents and repairs skin cell damage caused by aging. By taking care of you all night, it stimulates the rejuvenation of your skin cells. However, it helps the skin maintain moisture level, softness and smoothness. When this pillow, which is good for the skin, is used regularly, you do not need to try dozens of different creams and apply long make-up in front of the mirror.


2 – Prevents sleep wrinkles

On average, your head is putting 5 kg of pressure on your skin while sleeping on your side or face. You can see how your skin can bend and fold under a regular pressure for 8 hours in the photo below … Beauty Pillow It is designed to prevent sleep wrinkles and thus make you look younger.


3 – No swelling on your face

The height difference between the front and back supports in the Beauty Pillow helps combat morning bloating.


4 – Protects your silk lashes

It extends the lash extension life precisely thanks to minimal contact with the side skids and cushion surface. It ensures that you do not damage your silk and false eyelashes during sleep.


5 – Orthopedic effect

Beauty Pillow Along with orthopedists, it was developed to provide you with a physiologically correct body position during sleep.