Best Ideas to Make the Funniest Birthday Cakes for Kids

Ideas to make the funniest birthday cakes for kids

Ideas to make the funniest birthday cakes for kids

On any birthday cakes is a fundamental part of the celebration. Without them, it would not be possible to celebrate a birthday. Surely all the guests will notice her. In its coloring, its decoration, its flavors, and its shape, among other things. For this reason, they must be showy, colorful, very original, and above all that it reflects the tastes of your little one, who ultimately is the great protagonist of the party.

Birthday cakes that grab all eyes!

They can be made of various themes, including those that reflect your little one’s favorite singer, with baubles, that is a real rainbow, with animals, with your child’s favorite children’s drawings. In short, there are endless ideas that can inspire us to make a nice, simple, fun cake that will make your child happy.

If your child’s birthday is approaching, and you want to make an original and fun cake at home that will surprise all your guests, write down the ideas that I am going to give you below.

A cake with panda bears!

Don’t tell me this cake is not cute? A cake with panda bears! These black and white animals are usually highly appreciated by children. These dolls are very easy to get, and can also be used as a children’s toy. Although it seems complicated, it is very easy to make this cake. You just have to make a cake of the flavor you want, and create the right environment for these cute animals. For this, you can buy some wafers, and arrange them around the cake as they have done in the photo.

cake with animals

And since children like animals so much, I bring you another idea of ​​cake with animals. This time you have to make a good chocolate cake. And to decorate the cake, you buy some wild plastic animals. But to make it more original, you can put a party hat for each one that is made with Scrap papers. And to finish off the decoration of this cake, you put some skewers of pica balls or any trinket you can think of. The kids will love it!

cake with animals

Pepa Pig is one of the children’s favorite drawings. So, with this cake, you will be sure! But you can do it with cartoons that your child likes the most. The idea is to put some little pigs in a kite. To make it, you just have to make several biscuits, and between them, you add a layer of chocolate. You also make the chocolate coverage. We will place some kit kat around the cake. The little pig figurines are made with colored fondant and the body parts are joined by a toothpick. It is a very original cake!

colorful cake

This cake is very colorful, and I am sure that since it is made with colorful dragees it will appeal to children. It’s very easy to do!. Make several brownies, and between them add a layer of cream. Place the kit kat around the cake and lastly, decorate with dragees. Easy, fun, and very rich!

I hope these ideas help you to make a birthday cake for your child super original and fun. Surely yes!