DIY Editors: 4 Organizers to Add Style and Order to the Home

As a result of compilation studies that have been going on for a while, organizer I found it while doing. As a matter of fact, I am constantly looking for ways to be more organized since I am a messy character. Though I haven’t tame my messy side yet, dozens of regulatory ideas have come in to allow me to make a fresh start in my life. Four of the different areas you can use with you today do it yourself organizer.

Origami Desktop Editor

I have a secret admiration for only paper work. Because papers are both economical and easily accessible materials. So the paper organizer to collect trinkets on the desk is a very practical idea. My version can be made more functional by compiling and measuring the small materials such as paper clips.

By the way, those who do not want to make color as much as mine can get much more charismatic results with options such as black and white. By increasing the number of pieces, you can make an organizer as long as you want.

String-art Organizer

  • Piece of wood
  • nails
  • colored threads

I had done a string art project before, but it came to my mind to use this idea as an editor.

Nail random nails to a piece of wood of your desired size.

Note that you are pushing the nails firmly because it needs to be solid.

Make your own unique organizer by randomly striking the threads at your hand.

This gives the editor a very modern look when you add notes and photos with clamps and pegs. You can also apply this idea directly to the wall, of course, if you do not have a problem with drilling the wall 🙂

Jeans Wall Organizer

Here is another simple organizer that anyone can do. For the denim organizer I want to try since I saw it, you pass the pulley through the denim pocket and cut the excess. Now this pocket is your new organizer. Pens and trinkets are waiting for you to fill. To develop this idea, it is absolutely necessary to make more than one and hang next to each other. You can also decorate the jeans pocket with rosettes.

Felt Jewelry Organizer

Knowing me, minimalist ideas are always my favorite. That’s why this triangular jewelry organizer made of felt is one of my favorite ones of this series. I also love using felt, which is a very cheap material, in different projects.

Draw triangles with 20 cm edges on the felt.

Cut the spikes into a stubby form.

Sew a contrasting thread, joining the edges.

A very practical idea for putting rings and everyday jewelry. If you have a plan to use for different purposes, please share it with me.