How Is The Sofa Painted At Home? Step by Step Sofa Fabric Painting Guide

I shared how I painted the old dowry chest from my mother last year. For that project Annie Sloan Chalkpaint I had to buy 1 liter of paint, and most of the paint remained. Since this paint is suitable for all floors, this time I decided to paint my chair, which I have been using on my balcony for a while to try the paint on fabric.

The seat, which was almost 15 years old, made me fall in love with its blood-red color when I first bought it. Although he has been restored to last years and is still intact, his color has naturally faded. Since I was unable to throw the seat, I decided to paint it and renew it. An exciting process was waiting for me 🙂

First, I watched how many seat painting videos on the internet. Then I prepared myself psychologically for a long painting process 🙂 Joking aside, you will have at least 3-4 layers of painting in this project. First of all, it is necessary to clean the seat thoroughly. The surface must be dust free. When it was summer day, I decided to paint the chair on the balcony. I spread paint protective nylon on the surface and got on to work.

Firstly, the paint was in a much better condition than I expected. Of course, it got a little darker, but since Annie Sloan paints are water-based, there were no problems. When it was thoroughly mixed and diluted, my paint was ready for use. It is necessary to dilute the paint a little more than usual when painting the seat. I have kept the water rate very low on the first floor, but I suggest you do not get caught on the first floor as your concealer or your fabric may become very stiff.

First of all, it is necessary to moisten the seat with a water spraying apparatus. Thus, the fabric can absorb the paint much better. Begin feeding the paint into the fabric with a wide-mouth brush. Working regionally will make your job easier.

The chair I painted was a little too tight and unstressed, so it forced me a little. I am sure you can work without any difficulty if the fabric surface of your seats is completely stretched.

1st floor

After the first floor is completed, you need to let the seat dry. It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours between paint coats. However, this process will be much shorter if you work at 40 degrees Izmir heat like me. Conversely, if you do this in a cold and humid season, 24 hours may not be enough. In this process, I recommend you to find your own truth by trial and error method;)

After waiting for a day, I realized that the first floor was quite concealer. This is actually my fault. My fabric had also stiffened as I diluted the paint a little. On the second floor, I diluted the paint much more. Again, I started spraying and painting water on the surface before application.

2nd coat paint

For the third and for me, I worked intensely on the rovings and seams that closed less in the final paint coat. I also painted the rusty metal skeleton of my chair at the last stage.

3 floor

It is necessary to wait at least 24 hours for the seat to dry. After my seat was completely dry, the fabric surface was fairly stiff. I think there will be the same effect on every fabric. Wax treatment will be the thing that will protect the paint and soften it. It was the first time I used the paint wax when I painted my chest. Again, I bought the transparent wax of the Annie Sloan brand. Although the price was a bit high, I loved its texture and protection on the furniture. It feels like it has no protective effect after application, but I can say that it is much more successful than all the varnishes I use. You have to stay away from varnishes, especially if you want a matte finish.

This time I bought the transparent wax of the Cadence brand to try a different product and used the entire small neck. I am very pleased with the product, but since I do not use both brands on wood, I cannot compare 🙁

You can wax with a clean brush. After the fabric absorbs the wax thoroughly, your fabric starts to soften. After covering the entire seat with wax, you need to wait at least one day.


After wax, the fabric softened and turned into a skin-like texture. You know, when you touch it, there are fabrics that feel like leather, and I can say that the fabric has gained a texture like it. I think the result was very successful. But if you do not want to lose the soft texture of the fabric, I do not recommend dyeing. Frankly, I did not have any problems since I will continue to use the new version on my balcony.

It has been over a month since I painted my seat and I noticed that there were some spills on the seat’s folds. However, I think this problem is very normal since the chair I paint is an unusual model. There is no problem in the tense parts of the seat. In short, I don’t think you will have any problems if you paint a stretched upholstered seat. You can still send your questions to me as a comment.