How is the wall painted? Step-by-Step Guide to First-Time Trialers

Painting a wall is a process that we enlarge in our eyes and give up with the idea that I generally cannot do it. As someone who painted a wall for the first time, I can easily say: “Anyone can paint the wall”. In addition, painting the wall is not as tiring as you think and it is also very fun. Thanks to the new generation of water-based paints, you can quickly change a corner of your home without smearing chemicals such as thinner.

I recently did a renovation work in my hall. Renovation works in my living room begin with painting the wall and continue to design decorative accessories. In this article, you can only watch the other things that I will explain the wall painting process from the video or follow the new articles on the blog.

First of all, I have to say that I have enlarged the process in my eyes as someone who painted the walls for the first time. Painting the wall was never as hard as I thought. The hardest part is of course to decide the color. At this stage, I have planned all the changes I will make in the hall. I had in my mind dark blue tones for a while. After finalizing the dark blue and antique gold color theme, I started pinning the inspiring visuals from Pinterest.

Unlimited color charts are now offered to you in the selection of wall paint. Even navy has dozens of shades. I sold in Koçtaş Fabel brand M009 color I chose. Apart from color, you can also choose its brightness. I chose a matte base as I wanted a matte finish. Matt paint is the most difficult to care and easily scratched and damaged paint. However, I prefer the matte appearance in photography and video shooting.

As for price, this paint is sold for half the price of its known competitors. The price of the 2.5-pound paint was $ 5 when I bought it. With this paint, I painted the entire two walls you see in 2 coats. Despite this, the entire paint is not finished. I am very happy that you do not have to worry about the quality of the paint.

Do not forget to take the measurements of the wall you will paint before going to buy the paint. You can calculate the amount of paint by square meter.

The previous version of my hallMaterials

  • Fabel Mat M009 Wall Paint
  • Painter Set (It contains everything from roll to protective cover.)
  • Stairs

How Should I Prepare To Paint?

Before you start painting, tape everywhere you do not want the paint to be smeared with masking tape. Place a protective cover on the floor. Protect the skirting boards and papier mache by taping.

Is it necessary to apply primer?

I paint unlined I applied. Because a water-based matte paint was applied in the same structure on the wall I painted. Also, applying a darker paint than the wall champagne colors did not pose a problem. It is recommended to apply primer when changing from dark colors to light colors or switching between paints of different structures.

We make the sign of “victory” regardless of this horrible image when the first floor is over. No need to panic, everything goes on the second floor 🙂

How Many Coats Should I Apply?

2 or 3 layers of paint will be sufficient. I was completely covered in 2 floors, but if you are not sure about the result, a third layer can be applied. Drying times of water-based new generation paints are approximately 4 hours. In other words, you can complete the painting process and finish your work on the same day.

I start by adding 1 cup of water to a 2.5 liter paint and mixing well.

You should pour the paint into a paint container and roll it here. Do not immerse the roller in paint. While painting “W” or “M” If you spread the paint evenly by moving it, you will prevent tone inequalities.

If the roll is not reached shortcut brush we are using. It is necessary to brush corners and edges.

On the first floor it is natural to get a rather strange, mottled result 🙂 At least mine was like that. However, all inequalities close on the second floor and the paint shows its full color.

On the second floor I used a paint torn for an uninterrupted continuity. When your hand gets used, it becomes very practical. Fluctuations in the drying stage disappear when it dries.

When you’re done, remove the masking tape so that it does not stick to you and give you difficulty.

Since the new generation of water-based paints almost do not smell, you can easily paint in every season. I completed the paint job in the middle of winter and quickly moved on to the decoration stage. I made transparent frames, daylight mirror and rustik flower bed for decoration. You can watch their productions from the video.

How did you find the new version of my walls?