How to combine oversized parts?

In 2019, style icons from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham were appreciated with oversized pieces. We share the secrets of looking fit and style in oversized pieces from pants to shirts.


1 – Balance with other parts

2019 trends The first rule for oversize between: balance. If you have chosen an oversized piece as a shirt or sweatshirt, your choice of pants or skirt should be as fit as possible. With an elegant decollete in the slit or chest area, you can add a feminine look to these loose pieces. So you eliminate the risk of looking loose and overweight.


2 – The most assertive look: Monoblock

You can get rid of eye fatigue and provide an assertive look by choosing an oversized piece in the same color as the other pieces in the combi. Thus, the shabby appearance arising from the body difference is balanced with the color harmony.


3 – Choose vintage pieces

You can get a sophisticated look by choosing the Oversized trend from classical period pieces.


4 – Create fun combinations

Oversized trend is the representation of comfort and comfort … You can combine this trend with plush toys or pieces where you can catch the ‘boy’ look and enjoy a fun style from top to bottom.