How to Make a Minimalist Flower Hanger with a Pulley?

I think it might be my favorite material to convert pulleys. Of course, being easily accessible, flexible and looking beautiful has an important effect on this. Open-ended thin pulleys that I bought from Kemeraltı in bulk cost me 1 TL. Therefore, it is an important detail that this project cost 3 TL in total. If you are looking for a minimalist flower hanger, you can end it by doing it yourself.

But when I shared this on Instagram, the “cheapest pulley 15 TL” comment that came under my post made me very angry. I do not like the fact that someone who thinks that I will lie on a platform of my own and write this shamelessly follows me. Do my own projects my purpose is to inspire while sharing. It is not my problem where and how much you get the materials, but if you are interested in these works, you should be interested in finding and researching materials. Then you have the opportunity to discover both economic and very different materials and meet new people. I bought my pulleys from the shop of Özgür Abi in Kemeraltı, which I always mentioned. I have repeatedly mentioned this anonymous shop behind the old fish market. Maybe you can not buy as cheap as I do because I do wholesale, but you will find these pulleys for maximum 2-3 lira.

Anyway, if I had enough of your head, let me talk about where I was inspired when making this hoop flower bed. I saw the original of the flower bed on Urban Outfitters’ Instagram page. When I saw the flower bed for about $ 80, I thought it could be an alternative with a hoop. As a result, I decided to try this project and this really beautiful flower bed came out.


Take the measurement and cut it by wrapping around the pot you will use the first open pulley. Your hookup is fine enough for this job. I used a upholstery new stapler to assemble, but you can also tie it with hemp rope.

The other 2 pulleys will be larger and equal than the first one. After fixing their ends, it’s time to join them all. I combined the other two pulleys with hemp on both sides of the underlying pulley. I did this by passing the hemp from top to bottom but if you watch the video, you will see that it is very easy.

Continue how many rows to make with hemp until you are sure that the flower is intact. When I liked the look, I continued to knit a few extra rows.

After completing the hanger, place the flower pot and put 2 layers of rope on the top again with hemp rope and the hanger is completed. If you love flowers, flower hangers save lives. I am sure that if you make these hangers in different sizes and hang them asymmetrically, you will get a great view;)

So did you see the Frida flower pot production, which I showed in the same video? Do not forget to share the projects you tried with me on Instagram!