How to Make a Sun Mirror from Garbage Skewers?

I always love to make fashionable pieces myself in decoration. It is possible to adapt the accessories, the prices of which are rising especially in fashion, with simple steps. Daylight mirrors have been on my radar for a while. Their small size was quite expensive in H&M Home. I haven’t seen much more affordable than that.

Although I tried a mirror with thick garbage skewers a while ago, the result was not exactly what I wanted. This time I made another trial with thin garbage skewers. Since I finally caught the image I wanted, I can share it with you with peace of mind. Now let’s move on to the production stages.


  • Garbage skewer (I cut it to 16 cm)
  • Gold color spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Transparent adhesive
  • Attachments
  • Hot silicone
  • Carton piece
  • Round mirror (Mine diameter 11 cm)

First of all, I put the round mirror on a cardboard and make the same size mold. I draw a circle in the middle of this mold. There should be some space around the edges. The diameter of the mirror I used was 11 cm. Then I size the wooden skewers. I measure and cut them all according to 16 cm. I can’t give menstruation because it’s up to you.

I first stick garbage skewers around the inner ring with a transparent adhesive. Since the transparent adhesive has a long drying time, you can align it with your hands by fixing the garbage skewers.

When the first circle is finished, it comes to the outer circle. This time I’m starting to stick garbage skewers around this circle. I continue with the correction by hand again. After it is finished, let it dry and wait for the glue to freeze completely.

After it dries, I turn it around and attach a paper clip. This paper clip will be the hanger of your mirror. I recommend sticking it tightly with hot silicone and even overwhelming it with a little silicone.

Likewise, I used hot silicone to fix the surface of the garbage skewers completely. I filled the gaps first. Then I glued my mirror with silicone. After the silicone has dried, I paint the front and back of the paint with a golden spray paint. At this stage, pay attention to the drying process so that the mirror does not stick to the surface.

You can reach the detailed stage of the project from the Home Renovation video on Koçtaş Youtube channel.

It takes a maximum of half an hour to dry the paint. You can enjoy it by hanging your mirror afterwards. If you try the project, Do not forget to share with me;)