Step by Step Make Impressive Homemade Confetti For Parties

Confetti is often used a lot as decoration in any type of party, such as a children’s birthday, a theme party, a christening, etc. But you can also give it other very original uses, such as decorating letters or photos. Confetti is not expensive, it also brings a lot of showiness and color to parties. So if you are preparing a party and you have forgotten to buy the confetti, do not worry, because you can do it at home. Knowing how to make confetti can save you from some situations. I am going to show you how you can do it, in case you prefer to make it instead of buying it.

It is very easy to do if you have pieces of paper, ribbons, or tissue paper that you were planning to throw away, you can use them to make homemade confetti. You can make different styles according to the occasion. So if you are curious to know how to do it, pay attention! Because I am going to show you the whole process of its elaboration. Surely you will learn a lot!

Step by Step Making Homemade Confetti

Homemade Confetti For Parties

The tools you will need to make homemade confetti are a paper puncher, which will allow you to make holes in the paper, the more holes it allows you to make, the faster you will make the confetti. You will also need a stapler and scissors. And don’t forget the colored papers, the more colors you have, the more colorful the confetti will be, you can also use old newspapers or magazines that you have at home.

To make this multi-colored round-shaped confetti, use the single-hole puncher on each of the colored papers. Then you can mix them in different bags.

To make this gold-colored star-shaped confetti, use a star-shaped puncher on gold paper.

This type of confetti is very striking and original. But to have more variety of shapes, you can also make confetti with a square or heart shape. To do this, you just have to get a square or heart-shaped puncher and some colored cardboard.

This type of confetti is the easiest to make and will give a very personal touch to your celebrations. To do this, you only need scissors and colored craft tissue paper. How simple!

As you make the confetti, you must keep it in different bags, so that they can be distributed among the guests of your party. These bags or others of a similar style, you can buy or you can also make yourself. It is not very complicated! You will need baking paper, glue, washi tape, and scissors. The first thing you should do is make a card, and mark its outline on a sheet. Then cut out this template, and draw your silhouette on the baking paper, cut it out and fold the bottom and side tabs, now glue them on. To finish, put the confetti inside and close it with a washi tape, you already have it!