How To Make Transparent Frames? | The matter of style

Again, my agent has been popular for a while decoration trend It had. Although it has been popular for a while, I decided to compile a few do-it-yourself ideas when I saw that the prices did not decrease in the stores. I prepared two different transparent frame projects for my renovated hall. Since both are quite easy to make, you can try whichever one you like.

The best part of transparent frames is that both sides are transparent, so it offers a much more stylish and minimalist look. In this way, whatever you put in the frame, the result is quite nice. I put dried leaves and white bird feathers in the first frames I made. With the arrival of spring, the dried autumn leaf has been replaced by dried daisies.

You can make thematic arrangements in transparent frames. For example, you can keep old notes with black and white photographs and dried flowers as a memory of that moment. It is possible to increase the examples, but first let me explain the construction of two different transparent frames.

Transparent Frame with Rubber


  • Thick packaging rubbers
  • 2 old frame glasses
  • chain to hang

I originally wanted to make this idea with black packaging rubbers, but although it was abroad, I could not find black packaging rubber tires. However, I did not have a problem since the packaging tires – even cinnamon color – which are classic yellow are suitable for my decoration. I also made a painting experiment with Marker, but of course I failed on this surface.

I used the glass I removed from two same-sized frames. If you do not have two glass frames of the same size, you can find them at affordable prices on the Internet.

All you have to do is put the packaging tires on all four sides of the glass and hang them on the wall if you want to hang them. In the meantime, the frame will look very beautiful either with its feet or against the wall.

Transparent Frame with Wooden Edge

In the frame with rubber, you may find it difficult to find a suitable tire for your glass or match its color to your decoration. In this case, you will need to find a wide-edged wooden frame. So how wide is it? Wide enough to fit both glasses you will use.


  • 2 thick-edged glass frames
  • Copper color spray paint
  • hookup

I bought two cheaply priced frames and I took them off. I painted one of the wooden frames again with Raymax copper spray paint. This time I put white bird feathers between the windows. By the way, I think the hard cock feathers sold in haberdashery will look much better.

I twisted the clips of the frame inward. Thus, the clips do not appear when viewed from the front, but they hold the windows well.