How to speed up hair growth: expert recommendations

How to speed up hair growth:

The most effective tips that will help fulfill a woman’s eternal dream of a luxurious long braid.

How to speed up hair growth: expert recommendations

There is hardly a woman who refuses to have thick and well-groomed long hair. In our youth, we take healthy hair for granted and are careless about taking care of it and the scalp. So that up to 30 years old, every girl inevitably faces loss, thinning, cross-section, brittleness, and other troubles with hair. How to speed up the growth of hair on the head, returning them to the power of Rapunzel’s envy?

What determines the speed of hair growth?

To understand whether it is possible to accelerate hair growth, let’s go back to the origins: external and internal factors of influence. On average, hair grows by 1-1. 5 centimeters per month, so it is better to immediately accept the fact that 15 centimeters per month they will not grow with all our desire. It is also impossible not to notice that everyone’s hair grows at different speeds. This is affected by gender, age, genetics, nutrition, care, hormones, dysbiosis, impaired blood circulation, iron deficiency, the nervous system and body as a whole, reception of various drugs, seasonality (summer grow faster than in winter) and even the time of day (day, hair growth is in a more active phase), ecology.

How to speed up hair growth?

How to speed up hair growth?

Trichologists believe that it is easy to get long hair up to 30 years, then the growth process slows down significantly. However, it can be successfully stimulated.

Products that accelerate hair growth

Products that accelerate hair growth

Trichologists are unanimous: a balanced diet is a key to healthy and beautiful hair. For example, to strengthen the hair (read — from loss), the diet should include foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to increase the density of the hair structure. Beans, beans, and lentils also serve the hair well due to vegetable protein. The liver, eggs (especially yolks), and nuts will make up for the deficiency of the most important element of Biotin. Pumpkin seeds, spinach, and sesame will be sources of iron that is essential for hair.

But if we still focus not on strengthening, but on growth, then to speed it up twice, we will have to lean on a very specific list of edibles: salmon (omega-3, protein, vitamin D), yellow bell pepper (it has more vitamin C), seeds (vitamin E), avocado (fatty acids), almonds, egg yolk (Biotin), carrots + olive oil (beta-carotene), oysters (zinc). Do not forget about the daily intake of Flaxseed and olive oil, fish oil — they are also rich in omega-3, -6, -9 fatty acids.

Vitamins that accelerate hair growth

Manufacturers of beauty complexes for the scalp know what is the reason for slow hair growth in winter-in beriberi. Therefore, they charge their emulsions and serums with vitamins necessary to accelerate hair growth, namely, vitamins of groups A, B, C, and E.

  • Vitamin A retains moisture in the hair structure and prevents hair loss.
  • Vitamin B is indispensable for accelerating growth: especially B1, B6, B7, B12.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, due to which nutrition is more likely to get into the hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E provides hair with strength and healthy Shine.

By the way, in the conditions of the rhythm of a big city, few people manage to follow a special diet. Then ready-made vitamin complexes become an ideal way out of the situation. Their advantage is also that they are often represented by a double formula for day and night reception, taking into account different daily phases of hair growth — this is a blow right on target. However, nutrition and vitamins, according to the stylists of the brand Londa Professional, helping hair bulbs, solve only the problem of loss and growth stimulation. About what is outside (about the hair itself), you will have to take care of separately with the help of special care.

Head massage for hair growth

Head massage for hair growth

Self-massage plays an important role in stimulating hair growth. Experts advise you to devote at least five minutes a day to it, then you will be able to maintain growth, and at the same time strengthen the hair in the follicles and increase their volume. It turns out that the hair becomes thin from the influence of the hormone dihydrotestosterone-the hormonal background changes and the hair seems to become smaller.

So, how to stimulate blood flow to the scalp (this will solve the problem of both hair loss and growth)? The easiest way is to gently affect different areas of the head with your fingertips. This, by the way, can become a kind of relaxation meditation. We also remember about massage brushes with teeth of different thickness made of nylon, about brushes with massage teeth and boar bristles, or a universal brush with metal needles and even a skeleton comb with rare teeth.

From a medical point of view, combing hair has a complex function: cleansing, massage, and even distribution of sebum — a natural “fertilizer” to strengthen and protect the hair. Comb your hair twice a day for ten minutes, and you will be happy, bequeathed trichologists.

Masks that accelerate hair growth

Masks that accelerate hair growth

In vain, many complain that there is not enough time for additional hair care. Masks, for example, do not require any complex manipulations, moreover, some of them can be done directly while washing your hair. But, in addition to hair care, they stimulate their growth by affecting the hair follicle. However, in this matter, regularity is important: you need to do them about twice a week. If the hair needs to be restored, then apply the mask more often.

Which mask should I choose in the store? First of all, read the label: the composition should contain as many natural components as possible, especially oils. Moreover, the order of listing the ingredients indicates the volume of a particular element contained in the tool. If the oil is listed only at the end of the list, then it is almost not there.

Stylists recommend applying the mask, starting at the ends, and distributing the composition to the top. Do not rush to wash off the product: hold the mask for 15-20 minutes, let it saturate the hair with useful components.

Dermatologists and trichologists do not reject home-made masks. For example, a very effective mustard mask is considered to accelerate hair growth. Important point: only mustard powder is suitable for it, not ready-made food mustard-it will harm the skin.

Recipe for a mustard hair mask


  • 2 tbsp mustard powder
  • 2 tbsp vegetable or any cosmetic oil
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1-2 tsp sugar


In a bowl, mix the mustard powder and other ingredients. Add two tablespoons of warm water and mix well.

Apply the mask to the hair roots. Then wrap your head in plastic wrap or put on a shower cap. Cover your head with a towel. Hold the mask for half an hour, then rinse with warm water, rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner. After the mask, do not dry your hair with a hairdryer.

Honey-based masks are very popular

Honey mask recipe for hair growth


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • A few drops of lemon juice


Mix all the ingredients, apply the composition to the hair, and wash off with warm water after an hour.

Recipe for the honey mask with cognac


  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 150 ml of cognac


Mix all the ingredients and apply to the roots before washing. Wrap your head in plastic. After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair with warm water and shampoo, as usual.

Hair Growth Accelerators

Experts are skeptical about ready-made formulas like hair growth activators. They promise quick results, but most often it turns out to be a marketing ploy. These funds need to be immediately washed off: the active substances that may be in their composition, with this approach, simply do not have time to act. Also, attention is paid mainly to the hair roots — the rest of the structure is not involved. In short, the scientific effect of such tools is not always proven.

However, there are preparations in the format of indelible balms, sprays, and lotions that have a beneficial effect on hair growth. Such heavy artillery can be connected to daily care.

The oil that accelerates hair growth

Oils are extremely effective for hair care. They provide them with nutrition, enveloping protection, and smooth hair scales. The palm of superiority among hair growth products is held by burdock oil. It increases the blood circulation of the scalp, improves metabolism, nourishes the hair roots, and increases their growth.

Castor and sea buckthorn oils accelerate growth and increase hair volume. Olive oil is highly valued for its nourishing, disinfecting, and moisturizing properties — the hair is strengthened at the base and along the entire length and grows well.

It is worth paying special attention to apricot oil: it contains trace elements that promote hair growth, while it is very light in texture and quickly absorbed.

Almond oil regulates the function of the sebaceous glands and stimulates hair growth with a rejuvenating effect.

When choosing a non-volatile, multi-component cosmetic oil, focus on the natural ingredients in the composition.

As for application: it can be used on both wet and dry hair after styling. Just a few drops of oil rubbed between the palms of your hands and then distributed through your hair. Don’t overdo the quantity.

Shampoo that accelerates hair growth

Shampoo that accelerates hair growth

According to dermatologists, cleansing the scalp plays a crucial role in hair growth, because it prevents clogging of hair follicles. Apply and lather the shampoo twice and distribute it by massaging the pads of your fingers on the surface of the head. This will solve the problem of greasy hair at the roots, and, conversely, dry scalp.

Shampoo for daily use should be chosen taking into account the skin type so that the sebaceous glands work correctly and again do not clog. Indelible formulas of conditioners, oils, and masks that are applied to clean, wet hair are very useful — they protect you longer during the day.

Once every six months, you should use a special shampoo for washing, which activates hair growth by improving the metabolism in the hair follicle.

Micellar shampoos are very effective: they clean delicately, maintaining the hydrolipidic balance of the scalp, that is, without drying it out. They are good for daily washing, as they quickly cope with dirt. However, we are interested in them because they promote active hair growth: the natural components in these cosmetics nourish the hair and make it strong throughout its length.

What slows down hair growth?

There are also those lucky women who are concerned about the rapid growth of hair. Their request is formed exactly the opposite: “How to slow down hair growth? I’m tired of going to the Barber.” Astrologers, in this case, recommend following the lunar calendar of haircuts and visiting the salon during the waning moon, then the hair grows slowly. 

Many also use inhibitors to stop growth. But trichologists and cosmetologists negatively meet this initiative, as drugs to minimize hair growth adversely affect the structure of the roots and pigment.