I Made A Crib Ornament And Also Inspired By The Up Film

There are some projects that I adopt as if I have not done it myself. This cradle cob, inspired by the movie Up, is just one of them. Turkish, “Look up” I hope that many of you know this amazing animation surrounded by the name. If you are missing in some way, you should definitely watch. The most memorable element of this film is the house, which is also seen in the posters of the movie. So what could be more fairytale than a colorful house with balloons flying?

Here is a cradle ornament from me, in its full name cobweb I said I should do this when asked. This time, the construction phase has made me seriously difficult, but the result has been much better than I expected. So I have to admit that I had a little difficulty in gifting him.

Anyway, I think it is very suitable not only for the baby room, but also for the children’s room. Even if you are one of those who love this movie, you should definitely make it to yourself as a gift.


  • Thin and thick felts in pastel colors
  • Fur or felt pompoms
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Pulley
  • Fiber
  • Needle and thread
  • Adhesive

First of all, I chose to make a simple hut since it would be quite difficult to make the hut in Up movie. First of all, we will make a simple hut with 4 faces.

On paper 6cmx12cm I draw the shape of a rectangle and a 6 cm wide and 10 cm long hut. I cut out these templates with 4 different colors of thick felt. I sew doors and windows with thin felt on the pieces. Then I stitch them all together in a hut shape.

I start by piercing the middle of the round styrofoam with a garbage skewer. I am starting to cover the perimeter with colored pompoms so as not to cover these holes. I do this with a slow-drying adhesive.

When I get the image you want, I add ropes between them. These ropes should look like the ropes holding the balloons. You can adjust its placement accordingly. Finally, pass it through the hole you drilled. Connect all the ropes and fix them to the top of the shed.

Cut and join the roof of your shed with the orange felt.

Draw clouds into thin white felt and cut 2 pieces each. Fill these pieces with fiber. I made 4 clouds in total 🙂

I also love the look of the wooden pulley, but this time I decided to cover it with a pastel blue thread.

Finally, you need to attach all the parts to the pulley. Clouds (cotton-like clouds) will be installed around our hut in the middle of it.