Just one exercise that will increase the volume of the lips (without injections)

Increase the volume of the lips with just one exercise

Increase the volume of the lips with just one exercise

Biting your lips to make them a little bigger is a past century. It was replaced by the exercise “Fish”, which not only gives an instant effect but also preserves it for up to two days. Video instructions inside!

With age, plump and juicy lips in youth turn into thin strips, surrounded by wrinkles. You can stop the destructive process, but you need to understand the mechanism of its occurrence.

The circular facial muscle is not attached to any bone but is closely connected to dozens of neighboring muscles. It responds sensitively to stress and negative facial expressions by spasm and subsequent shrinkage. The muscle ring is compressed, obeying centripetal and centrifugal forces. And it drags the neighbor muscles along with it.

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ANASTASIA DUBINSKY, a physiologist, a neuropsychologist, the founder and head of the school of natural rejuvenation.

“To restore the volume of the lips, it is necessary to eliminate the spasm of the circular facial muscle. And for this, there is a very effective exercise “fish”. With regular and daily practice, it gives a stable positive effect that will last for a couple of days. By the way, after the first practice, you will also notice how your lips have become plumper: the effect will last for at least two hours.”

The essence of the technique: it works with the circular muscle of the mouth on the principle of post-isometric muscle relaxation using micro-movements of the lips. Restores the shape and volume of the lips, making them more vivid and expressive.



What will change with this technique:

  • restores the balance of tension between the mucous membrane and the outer part of the lips, giving the lips volume;
  • relieves spasms and hypertonus from the circular muscle of the mouth;
  • reduces purse-string wrinkles around the lips;
  • helps to cope with vertical creases in the corners of the mouth;
  • improves the color of the lips, makes them brighter;
  • provides blood flow to the circular muscle of the mouth and nutrition of all tissues in this area;
  • it works indirectly with nasolabial folds and the buccal muscle;
  • improves articulation.

How to perform: put your hands on your cheeks and fix them. Pull out the lips with a narrow tube and then turn out the edges of the lips, depicting a gramophone. Lips are tense, hold this tension for 5-10 seconds. Next, we look in the mirror and evaluate which parts of the circular muscle of the mouth are not pink. Staying in the position, we begin to reduce the necessary part of the muscle by micro-movements. Produced static-dynamic jobs, injected into our lips with fresh blood. The exercise is considered complete when the entire circular muscle of the mouth is evenly pink.

How much to perform: twice a day until all areas of the circular muscle of the mouth are pink, usually, it takes 1-2 minutes. ⠀


Do not rotate your struggling lips and do not apply excessive force when performing reception! This is not Facebook! Post-isometric relaxation is a classic of manual therapy. It is a technique in which after minimal resistance, there is a phase of relaxation of the muscles.

Make sure that the occipital area is relaxed when performing the reception, for this you can slightly lower your chin down. Do not allow the neck to be pulled forward.