Making Panda Shelf for Baby and Kids Room

My famous sieve shelf was panda shelf this time, but how? Of course, when a lot of my friends started to have a baby around me recently, the job was of course. Since there was no such requirement before, I had not thought of a project for many children and baby rooms. But for a while I was keeping on recording the fun shelves that caught my eye on Pinterest. When I saw a round shelf in the shape of a panda, the lights were immediately on me. I said I can easily compare the sieve rack to this and I think I succeeded. Some time ago, I shared minimalist decoration examples for the children’s room. This shelf is the kind of thing that would fit in a nursery like this.


  • sieve
  • a convenient shelf
  • 5 mm mock-up carton
  • black and white acrylic paint

I will summarize the first stage by thinking that you know how to make a sieve shelf. I bought the sieves again from İzmir Kemeraltı and painted them white. Since this project is a children’s and baby room, I selected all paints from water-based acrylic paints. 2 layers of acrylic paint ensures that it is completely closed. I recommend that you leave 1-2 hours between coats.

After taking your hand, you need to get a shelf that will fit right in the middle. You can estimate this from mdf. A carpenter or construction market will do your job at this stage.

Paint the shelf you prepared with black acrylic paint. Again, after 2 layers of painting, it was time for the protective layer. At this stage, water-based varnish or wax becomes the healthiest choice. I preferred to protect the sieve and the shelf with wax.

When this stage was over, I could not stand it and shared this black and white version of the sieve shelf from Instagram. I think those who are fond of minimalism like me will love this way too. You can evaluate this shelf especially in summer houses.

When it comes to making a panda, I think of a model cardboard as the most accessible material. However, if you want a completely wooden look, take your hand and take it to a carpenter. You can cut a panda head from mdf 🙂 You just need to paint it.

Place the mock-up cardboard on one side of the screen and draw around. After comparing this circle with ears, eyes and nose to a panda, cut it out with a utility knife. Let it dry after drawing your eyes and nose with black acrylic paint.

Your panda shelf will be ready when you stick this piece with silicone to the place where you are pointing.

Frankly, I was very pleased with the result. You can also create many different ideas and characters with this idea. Now it’s up to your imagination. See you in the new project;)