Smooth & Shiny: Hair Care Tips From Stars And Stylists

Hair Care Tips From Stars And Stylists

We bring hair back to life, neutralizing dryness and split ends, as Hollywood celebrities do. And home care products, as well as avocados, aloe, and coconut oil will help us with this.

Hair Care Tips From Stars And Stylists

To maintain the beauty and health of hair, it is not necessary (although desirable) to constantly visit beauty salons. You can take care of hair at home, which is especially important during the period of forced self-isolation. We have prepared an action plan for you to restore your hair and restore its shine and smoothness, based on the recommendations of the best experts in the beauty industry.

According to many studies confirmed by cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer, keratin is the foundation of beautiful hair. And salon procedures can wait. Most often, it is enough to introduce shampoo and balm or a mask based on keratin into your regular care, so that the hair begins to look perfect. If desired, you can add styling and thermal protection with this component, then the strands will receive additional support. The fact is that keratin (also called building protein) seals the flakes, restoring curls along the entire length, which means that the diamond shine is provided to you.

Star stylist Kia Wright

Star stylist Kia Wright advises to pay attention to funds with oils – this is an excellent option for normal, dry, and dyed hair. Masks, night care, indelible sprays – the main thing is to choose an option that will not burden your strands. It is also important to remember that it is easy to overdo it with oils, so one or two drops will be enough, and it is also not worth using oil more often than once a week.

Also, combs are equally important. Choose with natural bristles, because it distributes oil along the entire length, significantly reducing brittleness and dullness of strands.

Sprays and lotions with vitamin E and antioxidants will not only accelerate hair growth but also have a beneficial effect on curls.

But the stylist Michael Murphy, working with Katie Holmes and Elle Macpherson, recommends that you always (!) Rinse your hair after washing with cool water and do not abuse hot styling. Yes, it’s as old as the world, but it cannot be denied that all this has a positive effect on the general condition of the hair.

Blake Lively

Lovers of funds for smoothness and softness of hair with a natural composition, we offer to listen to the advice of stars. For example, Blake Lively is very fond of coconut oil and uses it both as a hair mask and as an indelible conditioner for the ends. It quickly eliminates dehydration – one of the main causes of dullness and damage to hair.

Kortney Kardashian

Kortney Kardashian once a week makes a “hair smoothie” according to the prescription of his stylist Andrew Fitzsimons: one and a half avocados, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of honey and juice of half a lemon. Apply this mixture to hair for 45 minutes and rinse with cool water. As a result, the hair becomes stronger, smoother, and shinier.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez also has her hair-secret – aloe. Juicy pulp moisturizes hair for a long time, gives it elasticity and a mirror shine, prevents tangling and fluffing.