Ways to look good in online meetings

How can we look better in front of the screen these days when we work from home and spend most of our time with online meetings? Irmak Peltekoğlu asked Estée Lauder senior makeup artist Berk Ersan.


How should the light be?

One of the simplest tips you can apply to look good in conference calls like zoom is to pay attention to light coming in. Berk emphasizes the importance of oncoming light, “light coming from above or below will cause shadowing of facial expression and will lead to a more tired appearance, brighter by removing light we can have a face ”. For this, you can put your computer in front of a window to download the light, or you can get yourself a ring light designed for the laptop.


Solution to white hair from the bottom

Another point that challenges most women in this process is that the white wires in the hair are more prominent with the emergence of the bottoms. This becomes even more remarkable, especially in camera interviews where only the top of the shoulder is visible. Berk’s suggestion for this situation is close to your hair color a dull shadow applying to the hair roots with a flat brush. Thus, you will eliminate the color difference between your white strands and your own hair. Berk replaces chubby mixing brushes, which are usually used in the fold areas of the eye. flat headlight brushes underlines that it should be used. “It is important to apply the application with a flat tip brush while preventing the hair roots from shining by using a matte headlight because you can achieve maximum coverage in this way”.



Meeting makeup in 5 minutes with 5 products


1. Moisten under the eyes

It is very important to make the skin look healthy with a moisturizing base and to prepare the skin. “When you come across the camera, the extra filter on the skin may make us look more matte and tired than we are. The number one trick to look good at camera conferences by moisturizing the skin by giving weight to cream products to give a healthy glow to the skin ”. Therefore before starting makeup Don’t forget to moisturize your under eyes and skin with your favorite moisturizers.


2. Sync your skin tone

Using BB or CC cream, you can even out your skin tone and achieve a smooth skin look with a gentle coverage.