What to eat in quarantine to lose weight (expert opinion)

Keep your form and  Lose weight in quarantine days

What to eat in quarantine to lose weight (expert opinion)

In forced self-isolation, one of the most important questions that constantly revolves in my head — what would I eat to not get weight? And the arrow of the scales tends to infinity, and the quarantine has just begun. With this question, we turned to the experts of the healthy food delivery service Grow Food, who made a five-day menu specially for our followers (and there are not only greens and vegetables, but also meat) and shared useful life hacks that will help you lose weight during isolation.


Monday diet menu

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with coconut and almonds
  • Lunch: rice pancakes with cottage cheese and hazelnuts
  • Lunch: beef in cranberry honey sauce with couscous
  • Snack: king prawns in teriyaki sauce
  • Dinner: chicken steak in the ginger marinade with green beans

To lose weight without leaving your home, you need to: firstly, crecalculate the calorie content of your menu. The less you move, so you need to get less calories than before. Secondly, even at home, you can stay active throughout the day: organize the balcony, clean the apartment – why not fitness?


Tuesday diet menu

  • Breakfast: pancakes with dried fruits and strawberry-pineapple smoothie
  • Second breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with pear
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with blueberry sauce and almonds
  • Snack: fettuccine with salmon in a creamy sauce
  • Dinner: turkey fillet in wasabi marinade

Now it is especially important to maintain and strengthen your immunity. One of the most important factors is proper nutrition, rich in vitamins. For example, oranges, lemons, black currants, sweet red peppers are rich in vitamin C; vitamin A – liver, broccoli, carrots; vitamin B2 – almonds, cottage cheese, eggs; vitamin B6 – meat, beans, soy, rice, buckwheat; Vitamin D – salmon, tuna, sour cream. If you feel that you are getting sick, then eat fast carbohydrates – they will give energy to the body. And give up fried, spicy, and salty. Plus, drink more fluids – it removes toxins.


Wednesday diet menu

  • Breakfast: rice pancakes with apple and cinnamon
  • Lunch: light curd dessert with berries
  • Lunch: chicken fillet stewed in coconut milk with bulgur
  • Snack: Greek salad
  • Dinner: Salmon Steak

If you adhere to seemingly all the rules of healthy eating, but you can’t lose weight, then pay attention to the details. For example, just one seemingly harmless Cup of cappuccino adds at least 150 calories to your daily calorie intake. Often it is because of such small things that the weight increases. And if you still allowed yourself a little extra, then the next day go hungry. And remember that such a cheat can be arranged only occasionally, and not on a permanent basis.


Thursday diet menu

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with apple and cinnamon
  • Second breakfast: salmon salad with cranberry sauce and pesto
  • Lunch: buckwheat with beef in a spicy sauce with prunes
  • Snack: vegetable salad with celery
  • Dinner: chicken fillet in yogurt sauce with green beans

One of the ways to help speed up weight loss is sports. Try to combine cardio and strength training: the first burn extra pounds, and the second — increase muscle mass, allowing you to maintain an accelerated metabolism. And of course, don’t forget to sleep for 7-9 hours every day. Fortunately, this is quite real in quarantine. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain. And for a good sleep, turn off all the lights and equipment.


Friday diet menu

  • Breakfast: cereal porridge with peach jam and cranberries
  • Lunch: carrot cake
  • Lunch: soba with beef in teriyaki sauce
  • Snack: scramble with curd cream and vegetables
  • Dinner: beef terrine with cranberries and saffron sauce

And most importantly – do not panic and do not worry! As you know, stress greatly interferes with weight loss. The hormone cortisol enhances appetite, and this affects the figure badly. Turn your attention to something more pleasant and soothing.