What you should know about skin aging (2)

Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Reha Yavuzer continues to provide information about techniques that slow skin aging. How do the techniques applied to make the skin look younger and energetic? Detailed explanations in this article …


To the articles I explained in the first part of my article hyaluronic acid I continue with One of the important factors that play a role in the healthy and fresh appearance of our skin is the main building block in the sugar structure called hyaluronic acid. This basic building block starts to decrease significantly with the age of 30s. For this reason, it is important to control the aging process.

a. Unfilled hyaluronic acid: ‘Volite’ is an application that provides subcutaneous hydration when you have it done once or twice a year. It has a pronounced slowing feature in skin aging when done in the proper dosage. The product used, the quantity and the way it is made are the key to success.

b. Hyaluronic acid for filling purposes: Hyaluronic acid fillings are our most important companions in managing the aging process well and in beauty. The quality and usage of the fillings are very important. Point lifting techniques can be preferred to avoid exaggerated results. The fillings given to the support points are critical in terms of both decreasing hyaluronic acid and increasing the carrier support of the skin.



Our skin begins to sag over time with wear of collagen and elastin fibers. In this complex process, a decrease in soft tissue, insufficient feeding of subcutaneous tissue, and loss of moisture also play a role.

a. BBL: Broad spectrum light technology provides new collagen formation by providing a warning without damaging under the skin, so it is possible to recover the flexibility that started to disappear.

b. Danish Skin: In this technology, which is a fractional laser, it reaches under the skin with the shot made from the upper layer and tightens and tissue production is provided.

c. Fibroblast Culture: Although known as stem cells, in this application, whose real name is fibroblast culture, cells producing collagen from the skin part taken from the person are extracted and reproduced by the growth factors obtained from the blood of the person. These cells, which are reproduced in about 4-5 weeks, are injected back into the person and an increase in the number of cells producing collagen is achieved. Thus, elasticity gain is obtained.

D. Strawberry Lift: This technology, which uses two different energies, low-dose laser and silent ultrasound together, is very successful especially in the neck loss of elasticity. This technology, which is very popular especially in England because it reduces both fat layer and sagging, is one of the devices that come to mind when it comes to elasticity.




When the process of wear begins on our skin and under, we do not immediately look old, but it starts to give us some signals. Although we are not ‘Are you tired? Are you sad? Are you angry? If we started to get questions, this is an important finding that wear out has become evident. At this point, it is absolutely necessary to take precautions. It is possible to change emotions from negative to positive, but often with a combination treatment… Of course, a situation should be evaluated first. So it is necessary to make a checkup to your age and beauty.

a. Visia – Computerized Skin Analysis: One of the most important factors in beauty and wear check-up. This technology, which scores the skin and subcutaneous properties and simultaneously shows the age of the skin, is one of the most important guides in determining your needs.

b. Facemotion Analysis: In this evaluation using face recognition technologies, negative and positive emotions on the face are evaluated and recommendations are made about the procedures to be performed. This analysis, carried out by a Turkish technology company, is both practical and very useful.

c. 3D Volume Analysis: Three-dimensional evaluations are now an indispensable part of aesthetics. With the use of artificial intelligence technologies, it is possible to evaluate not only the skin but also all layers.




The fact that your skin has an equal color is an indication that it is healthy, and showing different color disorders may be a sign of wear, as well as a sign of some diseases.

a. BBL: Broad spectrum light technology provides new collagen formation by providing a warning without damaging under the skin. When special filters are used, this technology is also used in the treatment of brown spots caused by wear. It is a very effective treatment especially in color darkening caused by aging.

b. Cosmelan: It is preferred for the color darkening that occurs with the effect of the sun and hormones rather than aging. The application protocol and the way it should be done before are as important as the protection from the Sun afterwards.

c. Is Coolas: Erbium laser is an ablative application. Reduces stains and irregularities in the top layer of leather. Since it fires much faster than standard lasers, it does not create a heat-related burn.

D. Decoloring Injections: Although they have less effectiveness than other methods, they can be preferred as a combination. Cosmetics giving probiotic supplements when used alone should be given with it.



Our skin becomes thinner as we age and the veins become more pronounced. Sun damage, excessively sensitive skin structure or genetic features sometimes cause the vascular structure to be superficial and a general redness to dominate our skin. As we do not want our skin to be excessively pale, it is not preferred to look red more than necessary. It should be noted that these rednesses are not primarily a symptom of a dermatological disease. If thick and prominent vessels are present, especially in the legs, the vascular surgery and circulatory system should be revised.

a. Copper Bromide Laser: It is an effective method to reduce redness and veins on the skin. In a situation known as the red face, it gradually takes the redness under control and provides the skin to reach a healthier appearance.

b. Sclerotherapy: Certain concealer drugs are injected by entering into the vein with very fine needles. This process can be used for superficial vascular problems.